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Sample Amendment Language

To advance democratic self-government and political equality, ensure a fair and balanced debate, and to protect the integrity of government and the electoral process, nothing in this Constitution shall prohibit limits on the amount of money spent in, or given to, election campaigns or political advertisements.

Sample anti-Citizens United voter instructions

Model language to refer a voter instruction measure to state or local ballot.

Montana voter instruction language. I-166 received 75% of the vote in November, 2012.

Colorado Voter Instruction Language Amendment 65 received 74% of the vote in November, 2012.

Massachusetts Voter Instruction language Local measures passed in more than 120 town in Massachusetts by an average margin of 79% in November 2012

San Francisco Voter Instruction language. Proposition G received 81% of the vote in November 2012.

Los Angeles Voter Instruction language Proposition C received 77% of the vote in May 2013.

Legislation placing Proposition 59 on the California 2016 statewide ballot. It received 54% of the Vote.

Washington voter instruction, I 735, received 63% of the vote in November 2016.